FHFA falls short on cybersecurity

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  • The Federal Housing Finance Agency is being urged to improve its information security controls. The Government Accountability Office says the agency needs to do a better job at protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of financial information stored on its databases and networks. Naba Barkakati, the Chief Technologist at the GAO, joins us with an inside look at GAO’s report. Hear more about it in the audio above.
  • Security experts in the world’s public and private sectors worry their networks are not safe. 7-in-10 public officials in a poll from the nonpartisan EastWest Institute say networks outside outside of government could use some help. About 4-in-10 private sector experts say public networks are not secure enough. The poll surveyed almost 140 people in several countries, including the US, Russia and China.
  • Organizations slow to adopt IP version 6 are in danger of falling behind in their ability to sustain presence on the internet. That’s because the exhaustion of remaining IP version 4 addresses is accelerating. InfoWorld reports predictions that IP version 4 would last until the end of next year have been overtaken by an apparent rush to buy up the remaining blocks. Some experts now say the exhaustion will occur this year, and are warning of a black market in IP version 4 addresses. New hardware and software is IP version 6 only, meaning some users and applications could end up isolated in islands of version 4.