ADT conference examines security solutions

By Suzanne Kubota
Senior Internet Editor

Cyber threats, cloud computing, and “preparing for workplace violence” are constantly changing issues thanks in part to the amount of innovation found in them. One way to keep up with what’s changed is by attending ADT’s Security Technology Expo, SecTec ’10.

Duke Rollins, the Regional Director of Government Systems for ADT Security Services told Federal News Radio the communication flows both ways. The conference is an opportunity for people in the D.C. area to walk around in a comfortable environment and ask questions face to face, “and give us an opportunity to sit, listen and engage and ask questions,” said Rollins “and hopefully get a better understanding of the technologies that are out there, the solution sets, and also the plan on how to implement.”

Rollins said the biggest advantage of the conference is being able to “ask where’s the benefit, where’s the value, and where’s the cost, because going from analog to digital in the telephone systems years ago, we’re in the exact same pivot point right now where the security industry is moving from more of an analog base over to digital and over to internet based solutions.”


As another example of innovation, Rollins pointed to wireless technologies, which he said “is helping small or midsized businesses, defense contractors for example, be able to take advantage of all the technology that’s in the industry today that might have, say five or ten years ago, been more expensive and out of their budget, but now it’s more reasonable.”

So a contractor who couldn’t afford a system just a few years ago may be pleasantly surprised by the market today.

Admission is to the conference and mini-courses is free, but does require pre-registration online.