New cyber problems for Adobe

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  • More cyber problems for Adobe Reader and Acrobat. Although the company issued a patch for the PDF authoring and reading software, the patch didn’t totally close a highly-publicized bug. Citing the researcher who first discovered the flaw back in March, Computerworld reports that while the patch fixed 17 vulnerabilities, it leaves open one allowing hackers to fool users into launching malware. The researcher, Didier Stevens of Belgium, says the bug lets hackers exploit the Launch function for executing software embedded in PDF documents. Hackers have been using a technique Stevens demonstrated, in mass attacks to infect Windows PCs since mid-April.
  • It isn’t just the U.S., India and Japan say terrorism and piracy are among key threats to their security. India’s foreign and defense secretaries, and Japan’s deputy foreign minister and vice-defense minister attended the first senior-level defense and foreign policy dialogue. reports the two sides discussed non-traditional threats to security, and named cyber crime among their chief concerns. Both countries have security concerns regarding China. Japan regularly holds security dialogues with India, Australia, and the U.S.

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