CFC sets area goal at $67 million dollars

Linda Washington, chair of the Local Federal Coordinating Committee for the CFC of the National Capital Area

wfedstaff | June 3, 2015 1:39 pm

By Suzanne Kubota
Senior Internet Editor

Being in the civil service and helping others is very nearly redundant. Being “from the government and here to help” is more than a cliche: for feds participating in the Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area, it’s a way of life.

Last year, feds in the National Capital Area pledged more than $66 million dollars to help charities.

This year, the goal has been raised to $67 million.


Linda Washington, chair of the Local Federal Coordinating Committee for the CFC of the National Capital Area, told Federal News Radio she’s grateful to everyone who pledged last year and sounded nearly as though meeting this year’s goal is a sure thing.

“We’re so excited about that! We know we’re going to even go over that goal.”

Donating is as simple as 1-2-3, according to the CNCNCA website:

  1. CHOOSE A CHARITY – The 2010 Catalog of Caring contains more than 4,000 charities to choose from.
  2. MAKE A COMMITMENT – You can give online, which keeps down administrative costs, reminds Washington, or through EmployeeExpress, check, cash, debit cards, etc.

And for help, you can contact CFCNCA Customer Support via e-mail or at 202-465-7230.

One of the most important contributions a federal employee can make, said Washington, doesn’t cost a dime.

Encourage others to contribute too! “We have found over the years that people give when they’re asked to give by people they know, so those are the things that we’re encouraging this year.”

Remind them, for example, that the need is greater than ever.

Federal employees really appreciate the fact that they do have jobs and that they have wonderful benefits, and they’re also working with folks or they are living near folks who need helps. They know people internationally, nationally, or even in their own area where they can give to particular charities. So the need is everywhere and federal employees are really very sensitive and compassionate about giving.

Linda Washington would know. After all, she’s not just the Chair of the Local Federal Coordinating Committee of the CFC. She’s also from the Department of Transportation. And she’s here to help.