Onvia: 2011 strong year for contractors

Market researcher Onvia predicts a strong year for government contracting in 2011.

A new Onvia report (scroll down) says governments at all levels will continue to focus on technology — especially in health care, energy efficiency and cost-savings. The forecast also includes more opportunities for green energy projects.

This year saw “massive infusions” of funds from the Recovery Act. The research found that at about 800,000 private-sector jobs were created to support stimulus-related projects. This will continue into next year with 70 percent of the $275 billion still unspent for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

A trend that will continue into 2011 is collaboration between public and private sectors. Onvia says companies will have to incorporate government needs in their market strategies.


“The reality is that business leaders who ignore the government market do so at their own peril,” according to the report.

Onvia Forecast