Seven steps to winning a government contract

By Suzanne Kubota
Senior Internet Editor

After more than 20 years helping companies that want to win government contracts, Summit Insight CEO Judy Bradt said she’s learned small businesses want to know how to land government contracts and they want to know it NOW!

Bradt tells Federal News Radio “small business owners often don’t have months and months to go and drag out planning their government market entry.” Bradt said they want information in one concentrated block of hours.

So Bradt has developed a program to go through the critical things businesses need to know when planning their entry or expansion into government contracts. “Hit up all the critical things in one day,” said Bradt. Things like where businesses can immediate decisions on and move forward, and what other things will go on a “to do” list. Those she defines as “the seven steps that I’ve found successful contractors take when they want to win government business.”


Now that she’s come up with the “Strategy in a Day” concept, the question became how to launch the seminar.

Bradt said she’s found the ideal partner in the Wounded Warrior Project.

“One of the other principles of being, certainly successful in government contracting, and I think actually successful in business, is to also give back to and strengthen the community that you care about. Government contractors absolutely care about our Wounded Warriors, about our veterans, and so the ability to put together an event where someone could not only strengthen their government contract strategy, but also make a difference for Wounded Warriors.”

Bradt said one hundred percent of the $500 fee to participate in the one day session goes to the Wounded Warrior Project. She told the Federal Drive, “this lets people in the contracting community do well by doing good. It’s just there’s win/win/win all over the place and I’m so excited to do this.”

And if that’s not enough incentive, lunch will be provided by Red, Hot & Blue.

The session will be held Friday, February 11th from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm, “sharp,” said Bradt. Participants will need to email info @ for details and reservations.