Healthier workers better for business?

Yvonne Mattocks, production manager, Destination: Fitness

wfedstaff | June 4, 2015 10:07 am

Wellness programs for employees can be relatively inexpensive with a great return on investment.

Yvonne Mattocks is the production manager and coordinator of “Destination: Fitness” a new health program offered by SiloSmashers, a consulting firm that does business with federal agencies.

The program, which partners with local health club, includes activities such as organized walks, bike rides and volleyball games.

Mattocks said the key to this program’s success is the initiative employees are encouraged to take.


“It’s run by the employees, for the employees. So whatever their current objectives are — it might be fitness, it could be nutrition.”

And healthier employees leads to happier ones, which is good news for employers, Mattocks said.

“When they get away from their desks and away from the work issues even for just a few minutes,” she explained, “they get to clear their head … they’re better employees, they’re more involved in the company and they believe, rightfully so, that the company cares about them as an individual, not just the product.”