Dempsey begins work as chairman of the Joint Chiefs behind desk rife with history

The new Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has settled in behind MacArthur’s desk.

Army Gen. Martin Dempsey’s first day on the job was Monday, and to mark it, notes a few ‘fun facts’ about the new chairman.

The desk in Dempsey’s office is the same one Army Gen. Douglas MacArthur used in the Philippines during World War II. His home office desk was used by Army General Omar Bradley, the very first Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

On MacArthur’s desk is a wooden box with laminated cards Dempsey had made when he commanded the 1st Armored Division during its deployment to Iraq. Each card has the photo, personal and family information for a division solider killed in action there. The box has the words “Make it matter” carved on its lid.


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