Supercommitee no-go adds to federal managers’ budget woes

Federal managers are nursing headaches today, wondering what’s going to happen to their budgets.

The supercommitee announced Monday it couldn’t agree on a deficit-cutting plan. But lawmakers and administration officials say Congress cab still come up with an alternative deficit-reduction plan before automatic cuts are enacted in 2013.

Bernie Becker, a staff writer for The Hill newspaper, joined the Federal Drive with Tom Temin and Amy Morris to discuss the myriad budget uncertainties facing Congress and federal agencies.

There have been roadblocks all year long, Becker said, from the near government shutdown in April and the debt ceiling standoff resolved at the last minute in August to the fruitless supercommittee negotiations.


“Federal officials don’t really know what to expect week to week,” he said. And things aren’t getting any easier with a stopgap funding measure set to expire next month.


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