Air Force announces more force management measures

As the Air Force continues to match its size and shape to meet future and current needs, officials announced that the military service completed 2011 with approximately 1,200 airmen over its endstrength.

In a press release, the military service announced additional force management programs. Voluntary programs for airmen would continue from last year, such as waivers for Active Duty Service Commitments, enlistment contracts and time-in-grade. Last year’s involuntary programs would also continue. These include initial skills training separations and date of separation rollbacks.

Two new programs, adjusted High Year Tenure limits and Career Job Reservation constraints, will go into effect on Sept 30, 2013. HYT limits will be adjusted for senior airman (reduced from 10 to eight years), staff sergeant (20 to 15 years) and technical sergeant (22 to 20 years). Staff sergeants who have a total active federal military service of 16 or more years as of Sept. 30, 2013, will be grandfathered. Their HYT will stay at 20 years. The changes to HYT will affect about 1,700 airmen. They will have two more chances to test for promotion before the new HYT go into effect.

CJR constraints would limit how many first-term airmen can reenlist based on Air Force Specialty Code career job requirements.


For officers, voluntary and involuntary programs would continue.

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