Census launches new user-friendly website

Rob Chestnut, chief of requirements and stakeholder relations, U.S. Census Bureau

Michael O'Connell | June 4, 2015 4:41 pm

You’re probably no stranger to information overload, but imagine dealing with 250 billion data cells.

The Census Bureau has done that, with its new AmericanFactFinder database. The agency has moved a large cache of files from a legacy system into a new setup.

“On Friday, Jan. 20, we retired the legacy AmericanFactFinder after 12 years of service, and users can come into the new site to get everything from the 2010 Census and from the 2010 American Survey and prior surveys,” said Rob Chestnut, the chief of the bureau’s requirements and stakeholder relations branch. “It’s all located in one place.”

Chestnut told The Federal Drive with Tom Temin the system is a one-stop shop for Census Bureau information. The site offers improved features including more tools and maps, as well as other interactive features.


“We have some table manipulations that are available now that allow people to go in and focus down to the data they’re looking for specifically on maybe a certain data cell or a piece of information,” he said. “And we’ve created a new search and navigation that allows people to come in and search based on topics or keywords.”

To access information from AmericanFactFinder, go here.