Bill aims to reduce number of government buildings

The House voted to approve the Civilian Property Realignment Act. It would establish a commission to get rid of underused buildings, just the way the BRAC process worked for military bases.

“What unites us is selling off things that we don’t need, redeveloping things that aren’t being used today and actually providing more jobs and more revenue for the taxpayers of the nation,” said Rep. Jeff Denham (R-Calif.), sponsor of the bill.

He told The Federal Drive with Tom Temin the coming Senate version may have some differences with his bill, but that’s OK.

“The federal government has a horrible track record of getting rid of properties that we don’t need,” Denham said. “These large buildings in many of the urban areas sat vacant for well over a decade, and the federal government has sold 82 properties over 25 years.”



House approves ‘civilian BRAC’ bill

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