Telework Week could draw as many as 50,000 stay-at-home workers

Gil Gordon, owner, Gil Gordon and Associates

wfedstaff | June 4, 2015 6:05 pm

Today begins Telework Week where federal employees are being encouraged to work from alternative sites.

About 50,000 federal workers say they will take part.

Gil Gordon is a telework expert and owner of Gil Gordon and Associates, which advises public and private sector organizations on telework. He sees that 50,000 as both a lot and not enough in terms of the overall percentage of federal employees teleworking.

“It’s a lot in that the number is a good healthy number,” Gordon told The Federal Drive with Tom Temin. “But in terms of a percentage of the federal workforce, of course, it’s relatively small.”

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Even so, Gordon says the number of federal workers teleworking continues to grow. He anticipates a day when the terms “teleworking” and “telecommuting” will no longer exist, as telework becomes an everyday part of the way government does its job.