All USDA buildings open on Tuesday

All Department of Agriculture employees in the National Capitol Region are expected to report to work today, following their standard work schedules, according to USDA’s Be Prepared website. This comes a day after a minor electrical fire closed six buildings at the department’s headquarters in Washington, D.C.

The fire occurred in the South building and took power and Internet out in the other headquarters buildings, a USDA spokesman said.

The following buildings, which were closed on Monday, are now open:

  • Whitten building
  • South building
  • Cotton Annex
  • Reporters building (at 7th and D streets)
  • Patriots Center (at 4th and E streets)
  • Washington Carver Center in Beltsville, Md.

IT services, such as Citrix Remote Access, email, print, iPads, iPhones and Blackberry, are now functioning.


USDA employees who have questions can call (800) 932-1902 or visit the USDA Be Prepared website.