Federal Drive interviews — June 15

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Today’s guests:

Todd Ramseygeneral manager for U.S. Federal at IBM


IBM has been selling IT and services to the government longer than just about anyone. It started in the 1890s with punch card tabulators for the decennial census. Things have changed. In this final day of our special series, Inside the World’s Biggest Buyer, we turn to the contractor point of view.

Jonathan Breulexecutive director of the IBM Center for the Business of Government

In an earlier life, Jonathan Breul was senior advisor to the deputy director for management at the Office of Management and Budget. The president’s management agenda and the president’s management council are largely the result Breul’s work. He’s also a fellow of the National Academy of Public Administration. Now, he’s about to retire.

Carolyn Colvindeputy commissioner of Social Security, Social Security Administration

A new program between the Social Security Administration and the Defense Department couldn’t come at a better time. Record numbers of returning service members are applying for disability. On average, it takes five weeks for the Social Security Administration to track down their medical files. But through a joint technology program, the two agencies have found a way to share electronic medical records in a fraction of the time — just three days.

Roy Smithexecutive vice president at ITG and member of the executive advisory council of the National Contract Management Association

With a $500 billion budget, the United States is the world’s biggest buyer, and Defense is the biggest piece of that pie. The Rapid Acquisition Program has kicked into overdrive to help warfighters in Iraq and Afghanistan.