Federal Drive interviews – June 27

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Today’s guests:

Van Hitchsenior advisor, Deloitte’s federal practice


If the only constant is change, federal managers are in for a lot of it. Deloitte thinkers have come up with a list of technologies they believe will impact federal agencies in the short term. Some of these technologies have been around and are now picking up steam. Others are just emerging. Van Hitch is a senior advisor in Deloitte’s federal practice. He’s former CIO of the Justice Department.

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John Mahoneypartner, Tully Rinckey law firm

To try and stem national security leaks, the director of National Intelligence has ordered some changes for intel workers. James Clapper has ordered a new question to be added to the lie detector tests that employees take from time to time. He’s imposing new rules on contacts with the media as well. But how far can the intelligence agencies go in what they impose on employees? And will these changes affect daily work? For some answers, we turn to John Mahoney, a partner at the law firm Tully Rinckey and chairman of its federal labor and employment law practice.

Ben Gemanreporter, The Hill newspaper

Some see fracking as a way to decrease our dependency on foreign oil by extracting it and natural gas from the ground. But the method can unleash chemicals that have others concerned about public health and the environment. The Interior Department is wading into the fray with new regulations. They’ve been delayed, but the department promises to release them by the end of the year. Ben Geman covers the issue for The Hill newspaper.