Federal Drive interviews — June 8

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Today’s guests:

Gene Zapfelgroup vice president, Unisys


Analysts say federal contracting dollars could fall as much as 12 percent over the next couple of years. While that’s a fairly rosy outlook, it doesn’t take into account those across-the-board cuts that could come if Congress fails to repeal a new law. Contractors like Unisys are adjusting their strategies. Group Vice President Gene Zapfel specializes in defense contracts. He spoke with Tom Temin at the industry’s Exchange 2012 Conference in Charlotte, N.C.

Lt. Gen. Jack Stultzchief of the Army Reserve

Lt. Gen. Jack Stultz says the Army reserves was considered the force of last resort when he became chief six years ago. During his tenure, the government poured unlimited resources into getting these citizen-soldiers ready for battle. Now Stultz is retiring and he leaves the Reserves the best trained, best equipped and most ready force it’s ever been.

Jim Sheltonassistant deputy secretary for innovation and improvement, Education Department

The White House is telling agencies to ground their dreams in reality. Money is tight. The Office of Management and Budget said it was more likely to fund programs that show they are working through evidence and evaluation. In that regard, OMB said the Education Department could be a model for the rest of government.

John Gagenational president, American Federation of Government Employees

National President John Gage is stepping down after 37 years at the American Federation of Government Employees. But he has a lot of work to do before he can clear his desk, including negotiating the first contract with the Transportation Security Administration.