Federal Drive interviews — July 3

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Today’s guests:

Brian Frielanalyst, Bloomberg Government


The federal budget isn’t growing very fast. Perhaps you’ve heard. But that doesn’t mean individual contractors can’t grow. Bloomberg Government has compiled a long list of contractors whose revenues exceeded $100 million for the first time in 2011.

Read Friel’s report: Contractors in Growth Niches Top $100 Million: BGOV Insight

Read the Bloomberg Government Report: BGOV200: Federal Industry Leaders 2012

(BGov.com is a paid site and requires a subscription for access.)

Don Deeschief of information strategies, Fort Belvoir

Last Friday’s storm caused damage all over the Washington area and one of the hardest hit places was Fort Belvoir in Virginia. The garrison was on emergency staff only yesterday, after it suffered power outages and a phone system failure.

Joseph Petrilloprocurement attorney, Petrillo and Powell

Sometimes a contractor and the government part ways before the contract ends. When buying anything, including commercial items, the government has the right to terminate a contract at the government’s own convenience. But it can’t be done arbitrarily, and the contractor is entitled to some payments after the termination. The laws and regulations leave room for interpretation. A recent case shows how commercial item contractors might be at risk.

Ian Swansonreporter, The Hill

If you take out all of the Mondays, Fridays and summer vacation days that Congress has scheduled, it has about 23 days left in the fiscal year. Those days between now and Oct. 1 should be busy.

Elliott Branchdeputy assistant secretary for acquisition and procurement, Department of Navy

The Navy Department awards $90 billion a year in contracts, buying everything from submarines to helicopters, uniforms and body armor. Every single one of those contracts comes to the desk of Elliott Branch, the deputy the assistant secretary for acquisition and procurement at the Navy. He’s being credited with a number of stellar negotiations, and his efforts have earned him a nomination for a Service to America Medal.