Federal Drive interviews – Aug. 13

Ben FreemanNational Security Investigator, Project on Government Oversight

Major defense contractors and their supporters in Congress have been sounding the warnings about sequestration. Should budget cuts hit the Pentagon in January, they say, the effect would be thousands of job losses. But one new analysis finds, this may not be the case. In fact, employment levels might not be affected at all.

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Terry WeaverPresident of Weaver Consulting LLC, accessibility & government policy and procurement strategist for SSB BART Group, and former director of IT accommodation at GSA.


Accessibility for disabled federal workers isn’t just about wheelchair ramps and seeing eye dogs. The Section 508 Office at the Veterans Healthcare Administration has released a new set of online courses that shows workers how to create accessible PDFs and other documents. Federal News Radio spoke to Weaver about the challenge of making PDFs accessible to all.