Federal Drive interviews – Aug. 16

Jody WestbyCEO, Global Cyber Risk LLC & Adjunct Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Computer Science

Congress returns from recess next month with some unfinished cybersecurity business. But Westby says lawmakers have it all wrong and is missing the point on what cyber legislation should do. She explains what Congress should be focusing on when it comes to cyber reform.

Kevin BrancatoDefense Analyst, Bloomgberg Government

Budget sequestration cuts might be 140 days away, but the administration has only until Sept. 6 to tell Congress where the ax will fall. The Defense Department must notify Congress of civilian personnel cuts by Sept. 18 — 105 days before sequestration. That’s forcing Defense planners and contractors to consider their options — and they have several.


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Jamie BarnettSenior Vice President of Academic Programs and Research, Potomac Institute for Policy Studies

The violent storms in June that left hundreds of thousands without power. It also left millions without access to 9-11 emergency services. What went wrong? And what, if anything, can the government do to prevent this from happening again? From 2009-2012, Barnett served in an IPA assignment as Chief of the Federal Communications Commission’s Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau (PSHSB).