Federal Drive interviews – Aug. 17

Nicholas JonesChief, Racial Statistics Branch, U.S. Census Bureau

The Census Bureau is testing a new way to measure the color of America. It is updating a key race and Hispanic origin questionnaire for the first time in more than a decade. Jones tells reporter Jason Miller about the results from changes piloted in the 2010 population count.

John D. GrahamDean, Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs

In a six-minute YouTube video, Cass Sunstein gives a professorial summary of his tenure as administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. OIRA may not be a household name. But it’s how the White House keeps its thumb on one of the most potent functions federal agencies have — the power to write regulations. For an assessment of Sunstein’s tenure, we turn to a former OIRA chief. Graham was the OIRA administrator in the George W. Bush administration from 2001-2006.


Barbara CunninghamDeputy Director of the Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics, EPA

The Federal Electronics Challenge gives recognition to federal agencies who dispose of old equipment in the most recycling, non-polluting way possible. This years winners have just been named. They’re good not just at disposing smartphones and monitors, but also having excellent policies in place to make sure they buy the greenest equipment in the first place.

Ed ZurndorferRegistered Employee Benefit Consultant

The Office of Personnel Management released a memo this week detailing new guidelines for partial retirements for federal workers. The guidelines are intended to make phased retirement more attractive.

Chuck TaylorPrincipal Investigator, Game Changing Development Program, NASA

Solar electricity could one day propel NASA spacecraft to asteroids, Mars or beyond. The agency has chosen two companies to develop powerful solar-arrays for electric propulsion in space. Taylor discusses how this project positions NASA for its next move.