Federal Drive interviews – Aug. 27, 2012

Kshemendra PaulProgram Manager, Information Sharing Environment

The 9/11 terrorist attacks were followed by finger-pointing among federal agencies. It seems a lack of sharing prevented them from synthesizing the information that might have prevented the attacks. The 9/11 aftermath gave birth to a project in the intelligence community called the Information Sharing Environment. Now the ISE is nearing its tenth birthday, and it’s released a new white paper explaining how agencies can talk more freely to each another while safeguarding their information.

Lynne Bernabei — Partner, Bernabei and Watchel, PPLC

A federal appeals court recently struck down a critical protection for some federal workers. The court decided if feds in non-critical but sensitive positions are demoted or fired, then they are not entitled to a review by the Merit Systems Protection Board. One judge on the court dissented, saying it effectively nullified the very existence of MSPB. Bernabei discusses the potential long-term impact of the decision.


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Appeals court removes key civil service protection

Ruth GoldwayChairman, United States Postal Regulatory Commission

You may want to prepare yourself for more lines at the post office. The Postal Service plans to cut retail hours at thousands of post offices nationwide. The independent organization that evaluates plans like these to make sure they are in the public’s interest is the Postal Regulatory Commission. And the P-R-C says this new plan is okay…even though it may be harder on customers. Commission Chairman Ruth Goldway joins us to explain.

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Postal regulators OK shorter post office hours

Cmdr. Eric MillerAssistant Program Manager for Fleet and Submarine Support, Navy Seals

The Navy Seals had a problem — A slow procurement process in their logistics support meant long lead times for spare parts. And that was affecting readiness. Miller, who last year was a supply officer for the Seals, set about to fix it. Using teamwork and capable software, he increased the amount of time Seals watercraft could be deployed. And his group won an Excellence.gov Award. Miller explained how he and his team did it.