Federal Drive interviews – Aug. 29

Kevin PlexicoVice President of Federal Information Solutions, DELTEK

If sequestration is like hitting a brick wall, a continuing resolution is more like slowing down and proceeding with caution. Lawmakers say they’ll pass a new CR when they return to Washington. Plexico discusses what’s likely to happen.

Martin LibickiSenior Management Scientist, Rand Corporation

The defense research agency DARPA is looking for revolutionary technologies that can help the Pentagon win a cyber war, rather than just defend against cyber attacks. Called Plan X, its goal is to make the military as fierce in cyberspace as it is in the real world. It begins next month. Libicki is a cybersecurity professor at the U.S. Naval Academy.


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Clay JohnsonPresidential Innovation Fellow for RFP-EZ

Johnson says that some of the highest growth tech companies don’t apply for government contracts because they see the process as too slow and too cumbersome. Blue State Digital co-founder Clay Johnson developed a plan for a platform to make that process easier. And now he has won a Presidential Innovation Fellowship to bring that plan, called RFP-EZ, to life.

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