Federal Drive interviews – Sept. 13

Ray LaHoodTransportation Department Secretary

Budgets are tight across government, but one agency has found a proverbial pot of gold. The Transportation Department is making available nearly half a billion dollars for construction projects nationwide. Secretary LaHood says the money will go to create jobs and improve infrastructure. The money comes from funds Congress set aside in past years for transportation projects.

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Department is unleashing millions of earmarked dollars


Chris MihmManaging Director for Strategic Issues, Government Accountability Office

Few agencies are taking advantage of a law that lets them rehire retirees and pay them both full pensions and full salaries. That’s according to a new GAO report on the so-called “dual compensation waiver.” Even the Office of Personnel Management rarely used the program. Mihm authored the GAO report and shares its findings.

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Few retired feds cash in on dual compensation

Vice Adm. Michelle Janice HowardU.S. Navy

Michelle Janine Howard has a knack for making Navy history. And she’s at it again. Howard recently became the first female African-American three-star vice admiral. Earlier, she became the first black woman to command a warship and the first female Naval academy alum to become rear admiral.

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Naval officer achieves another first