Federal Drive Interviews — Sept. 21, 2012

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Today’s guests:

Gadi Dechtermanaging director for economic policy, Center for American Progress Action Fund


A few months back, President Barack Obama was caught on a live microphone telling a foreign leader he would have “more flexibility” in his second term. He was talking about foreign policy there, but Gadi Dechter, managing director for economic policy at the Center for American Progress Action Fund, says the same could hold true when it comes to the federal workforce.

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Diana Furchgott-Rothsenior fellow, Manhattan Institute

Career federal employees can look forward to change no matter who is elected in November. Earlier we heard from a liberal think tank on what to expect if President Obama is re-elected. Now we turn to what might happen under a first Romney Administration. Diana Furchgott-Roth, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, was an economic advisor to President Reagan. She served as associate director of the Office of Policy Planning under President George H. W. Bush., and she was chief economist at the Labor Department under President George W. Bush.

David Maolaw librarian, Library of Congress

The Library of Congress has unveiled a new legislative research website: Congress.gov. Eventually, it will replace Thomas.gov, which at 17-years old, has become an elder statesman among websites.