Federal Drive Interviews — Dec. 13, 2012

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Today’s guests:

Pamela Wrightchief innovation officer of the National Archives and Records Administration

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The government has billions of pages of paper records. It wants to get more value out of them by making their contents more available to the public. That takes innovation. Now NARA has a chief innovation officer. Pamela Wright told us what she’s planning. She started by giving us her definition of innovation.


Max Stierpresident and CEO, Partnership for Public Service

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If you work for NASA, the FDIC or the Surface Transportation Board, you might whistle while you work. Those are the best big, mid-sized and small agencies to work for, according to the nonprofit Partnership for Public Service. It has released its 2012 rankings based on the governmentwide employee viewpoint survey.

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Thomas Gintervice president of product management for TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. Safety and Security Group

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You probably text and send emails or Tweet. But if you’re in an emergency, you still have to pick up the phone and call 911. But now residents of Virginia’s York County can text 911 operators. It’s a big step in a ten-year “Next Generation 911” initiative to bring the emergency notification service into the mobile era.

Neal Schiff and Linda Habenstreit“Bubble Couple”

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It’s a tale of two retirement plans and … a love story. Retired federal couple, Neil Schiff and Linda Habenstreit share how he’s retired on the Federal Employees Retirement System while she’s enjoying life on the Civil Service Retirement System. We find out how those two systems stack up in our special series, “FERS: 25 Years Later”.

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