Federal Drive Interviews — Dec. 14, 2012

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Today’s guests:

Khem Sharmadivision chief, Office of Size Standards, Small Business Administration


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In just a few months, the word “small” might take on a different meaning to some contractors competing for government business. The Small Business Administration plans to raise size standards for companies in two groups.

Dr. Murray LumpkinSenior adviser and representative for Global Issues, Food and Drug Administration

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Regulators are celebrating a drug to kill fleas as a breakthrough in international relations. It marks the first time that the Food and Drug Administration and its Canadian counterpart have approved a new veterinary drug simultaneously. The review and approval of Comfortis required close coordination, without either country sacrificing its own way of doing things.

U.S. and Canada Working Together To Provide Access to Needed Veterinary Drugs

Stuart Deleryprincipal deputy assistant attorney general, Justice Department

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The Justice Department says it recovered a record amount last year in fraud judgments. It collected nearly $5 billion under the False Claims Act. How did the agency do it?


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