Federal Drive Interviews — Dec. 6, 2012

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Today’s guests:

Kathleen Frisbeedirector, Web and Mobile Solutions, Veterans Health Administration


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The Veterans Affairs Department has been roaring ahead on the mobile computing front. That’s partly because it’s being pushed that way by its medical workforce. They’d love nothing better than to be rid of clipboards and prescription pads. And partly, VA is always looking for ways to increase productivity and lower costs.

Richard Buangandirector, digital engagement, State Department

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“The Egyptian people have had enough of dictatorship.” That was the message from the U.S. Embassy in Cairo’s Twitter feed last week, after a controversial move from Egypt’s democratically elected president. But that Tweet contradicts the official U.S. position. And this isn’t the first time the Cairo Embassy Twitter feed has “gone rogue.” It also sent those so-called apology tweets during protests in September, and it frequently sends sassy responses to people who tweet at it. So who is running this Twitter account and what is the State Department doing about all of this?

Ticora Jonessenior advisor, Office of Science and Technology, USAID

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USAID is hoping university professors and students can help it solve some of the toughest challenges facing both the agency and the countries it works in. It has given seed money to seven universities to launch development labs, each with its own focus.


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