Federal Drive Interviews — Jan. 15, 2013

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Today’s guests:


Kal Stein
president and CEO

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After years of lackluster results, the Combined Federal Campaign may be getting a makeover. The Office of Personnel Management has proposed nationwide changes to the workplace fundraiser. And in our area, the CFC of the National Capitol Area has fired its administrator. Out with the nonprofit Global Impact, amid allegations of mismanagement, and in with a new manager: EarthShare.

John Mahoney
chairman of the Labor and Employee Practice Group
Tully Rinckey

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Recently, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ordered the Social Security Administration to pay millions of dollars in back pay to black male employees. The ruling stems from a 15-year-old class-action discrimination lawsuit. Lawyers for the men say a follow-up investigation found Social Security had violated terms of that suit. Employment Lawyer John Mahoney joins us now with some analysis in our Legal Loop segment. He’s chairman of the labor and employment practice group at the law firm Tully Rinckey.

Gen. Charles Wald
Deloitte’s Defense Department practice

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Like two ends of a see-saw, the commercial and military aerospace markets never seem to up or down at the same time. Right now, the military side is headed down. Deloitte has just completed a study of the aerospace market.

Anne-Marie Fennell
director of natural resources and environment issues
Government Accountability Office

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It’s been 40 years since Congress passed the law establishing Alaska Native Corporations to help indigenous Alaskans rise out of poverty. ANCs are doing quite well, thanks in part to preference they enjoy for federal contracts. They took in more than $8 billion in 2010. But members of Congress worry about the financial transparency of ANCs because they operate under different rules. The Government Accountability Office took a new look at ANCs.

Ed Moscatelli
chief of transportation
Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management, Army

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The Army has cut 8,000 vehicles since its peak in 2009. That includes cars, tractors, ambulances and other non-combat vehicles. In addition, it reached its goal for alternative energy vehicles eight years early. Edward Moscatelli, chief of transportation in the Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management, says there are 5,000 more vehicles that can be cut.


DoD Report

  • Navy Secretary Ray Mabus is asking his department to make tough budget choices no matter what happens on Capitol Hill. His new memo echoes recent warnings from the Pentagon and the Air Force. Mabus says if Congress extends the current continuing resolution another six months, then the Navy and Marine Corps would have a $4 billion shortfall in their operating accounts. He says the department may layoff temporary employees who aren’t mission-critical and won’t hire more civilians. In addition, it may trim administrative support contracts, travel, IT, spending and construction. He says the department will follow Pentagon guidance on furloughs. (Navy)
  • DOD Information Technology Evolves Toward Cloud Computing (Defense)

Cybersecurity Update