Federal Drive Interviews – Feb. 27, 2013

The Federal Drive with Tom Temin and Emily Kopp was onsite at the AFCEA International Homeland Security Conference today broadcasting live from the event. Listen to our interviews with those organizing and participating in the event, as well as our other interviews that were heard on today’s show.

Susan Grundmann
Merit Systems Protection Board


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One small agency could be hit big if federal employees decide to protest their furlough orders. The Merit Systems Protection Board would hear those cases, on top of its regular workload. Chairman Susan Grundmann spoke to Federal News Radio about what might happen if furloughs go into effect.

Sandy Peavy
CIO and Assistant Director
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center

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The Homeland Security and Defense departments are using simulators and modeling for operational training. It sounds futuristic but it may also be cheaper than the old textbook approach. Sandy Peavy is CIO and assistant director at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. She spoke with Federal News Radio about the new training at AFCEA International’s Homeland Security Conference.

Paul Schneider
Chertoff Group

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Cybersecurity is at the top of many federal agendas these days, from the new executive order to the renewed push for cyber legislation, and the Mandiant report about China’s role in cyber espionage. But there’s one thing that’s higher on the priority list — the budget. The Honorable Paul Schneider is a principal at the Chertoff Group and a former deputy secretary at the Department of Homeland Security, where he focused on cybersecurity and financial management. He spoke with Federal News Radio at the AFCEA International Homeland Security Conference.

Vince Patton
Vice President, Homeland Security Programs
AFCEA International

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With federal agencies like the General Services Administration cancelling conferences, events hosted by outside groups remain one of the few ways large groups of like-minded feds can mingle. AFCEA International’s Homeland Security Conference is going on in downtown Washington, DC through Thursday. Topics range from emergency management to cybersecurity and the must-have tools for law enforcement. Federal News Radio spoke with Vince Patton, vice president of homeland security programs at AFCEA International, about the event.

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