Federal Drive Interviews — Feb. 28, 2013

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Today’s guests:


Max Boot
senior fellow
Council on Foreign Relations

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Military leaders have made several trips to Capitol Hill to warn against the dangers sequestration could pose to readiness and capability. To the skeptics, one conservative military analyst and historian says the generals aren’t kidding. They’re not protecting their turf either. Council on Foreign Relations senior fellow Max Boot says sequestration could endanger the United States.

Retired Gen. Gus Hargett
National Guard Association of the United States

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Most parts of the Defense Department are planning to furlough civilian employees not service members under sequestration. Things are different in the National Guard. Faced with sharp budget cuts, it would have to furlough more than half of its full-time members. Retired Gen. Gus Hargett, president of the National Guard Association of the United States, said 50,000 military technicians would have to take days off from work without pay.

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Richard Lobo
International Broadcasting Bureau

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The inspector general calls it dysfunctional. The Government Accountability Office questions its strategy, and for years outside critics have asked why there’s a Broadcasting Board of Governors at all. We’re getting a response to all that criticism and a closer look inside the agency that broadcasts to the world.

Brian Moran
Graduate School USA

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Cloud computing and enterprise architecture are among the newest courses at Graduate School USA, formerly known at the USDA Graduate School. It offers dozens of courses for federal IT executives. School lecturer Brian Moran tells Federal News Radio executive editor Jason Miller the school is trying to meet an increased demand for technology and management courses.

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DoD Report

Cybersecurity Update