Federal Drive Interviews — March 18, 2013

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Today’s guests:

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Dale Deshotel
president of the council of prison locals
American Federation of Government Employees

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Just because you work in public safety doesn’t mean you’re exempt from furloughs. Federal prison guards are finding that out. Many corrections facilities are already overcrowded with inmates. They fear sequestration could make conditions more dangerous. Dale Deshotel, president of the council of prison locals at the American Federation of Government Employees, says the budget situation is already affecting guards and their work.

CIO shakeup at Treasury sign of similar moves at other agencies?

Fred Chang

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Cybersecurity is too reactive and after the fact. That’s according to Fred Chang, president of tech company 21CT and the former director of research at the National Security Agency. He says if government and industry want to get ahead of cyber terrorists, they need to start thinking like scientists in a lab. He recently testified before Congress about this, and he joins us now to explain what he means.

Michael Daniel
cybersecurity coordinator
White House

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The White House is shifting its strategy to reach a long-standing cybersecurity goal. It once told agencies to consolidate the number of Internet access points across government to 100 or fewer. That target is gone, but White House cyber coordinator Michael Daniel tells Federal News Radio executive editor Jason Miller: the Trusted Internet Connections program continues.

Jared Serbu
DoD reporter
Federal News Radio

The Air Force says it believes it’s done a good job developing career paths for its uniformed cadre of cyber workforce. But top brass is less proud of how it’s done so far in managing the career fields of its civilian cyber workforce. As Federal News Radio’s Jared Serbu reports, the service wants to revamp the way its civilian cyber experts are trained, organized and paid.

Capt. Bryce Cooper & Deana Archambault
assistant product manager
Program Executive Officer, Army

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As the military opens more combat roles to women, it has to worry about what they’ll wear in battle zones. Standard gear is made for men. Female soldiers say it’s uncomfortable and restricts their movement. In August, the Army will give about 600 female soldiers tactical vests made just for them. By October, all female soldiers deploying to Afghanistan should have them. Capt. Bryce Cooper, assistant product manager at the Army’s PEO Soldier, explains how they developed the vest. But first, is colleague, project engineer Deana Archambault, describes what makes this armor unique.


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