Federal Drive Show Blog – April 25, 2013

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Today’s guests:

Kim Ainsworth
Executive Director
Greater Boston Federal Executive Board

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Some federal employees are trying to start an emergency workplace fundraiser for victims of the Boston bombings. The government ran a similar charity drive last fall for those affected by Superstorm Sandy. Kim Ainsworth is executive director of the Greater Boston Federal Executive Board and she pitched the idea at a meeting with the Office of Personnel Management.

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John Mahoney
Chairman of the Labor and Employment Practice Group
Tully Rinckey

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A blind employee of Customs and Border Protection has sued the agency. He says he cannot use the technology the agency expects him to for his job and was thus denied a promotion. The agency doesn’t comment on pending legislation. But a spokesperson says it aggressively pursues software modifications so that all employees can use the equipment. Labor and employment attorney John Mahoney explains the finer points of this case.

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Donald Moynihan
Professor of Public Affairs
University of Wisconsin’s La Folette School

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Both the White House and Congress have raised the need for the government to measure performance. A 2010 law to modernize the Government Performance and Results Act put more pressure on federal managers to deliver results. A new report shows that it is paying dividends but agencies still might not be getting the most out of their employees. Don Moynihan is a professor of public affairs at the University of Wisconsin. He evaluated the effects of the new law for the IBM Center for the Business of Government.

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  • Recently-retired NASA CIO Linda Cureton is betting big. After spending 34 years in government, Cureton decided to go out on her own with a consulting company — despite sequestration and a struggling economy. She is now the CEO and founder of Muse Technologies. She spoke with Federal News Radio Executive Editor Jason Miller on this week’s Ask the CIO program. She told him how taking a chance now, embodies her government career. Listen to the full interview.
  • Agencies are taking a deeper dive when it comes to cybersecurity. They no longer want to know just how their computers are being attacked. They also want to know the patterns of their attackers. Threat intelligence is a growing trend across government. Federal News Radio Executive Editor Jason Miller spoke with Emily about how more agencies are seeking information on attacks against their computer networks.

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