Federal Drive Show Blog – June 5, 2013

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Photo Gallery: Charles Pippen, senior research scientist with the Georgia Tech Research Institute, holds an unmanned aircraft. Researchers with the Army and Georgia Tech are testing unmanned aircraft this week at Fort Benning, Ga. Click <a href="http://www.federalnewsradio.com/?sid=3347900&nid=97" target="_blank">here</a> to view a photo gallery.


Charles Pippen
senior research scientist
Georgia Tech

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Despite controversy over the government’s use of unmanned attack drones, they are poised to become as common as army tanks. Researchers with the Army and Georgia Tech are trying to work out some fundamental kinks. They are conducting tests this week at Fort Benning.

Norman Friedman
military consultant and historian

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The Navy has reactivated a squadron known as the Magicians. Its mission is to chart a whole new Naval aviation future, in which manned and unmanned aircraft operate side by side. In this case it’s helicopters flying to and from the new littoral combat ship. For some insight into what’s going on, we asked military consultant and historian, Norman Friedman.

Jim Pauley
senior vice president for government affairs
Schneider Electric

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Federal agencies have been working hard to reduce their use of electricity. So far they’ve had mixed success. One place to get more information on intelligent electric power management is a three-day conference this week in Washington. It’s sponsored by Schneider Electric.

Elizabeth Pemmerl
vice president
NIC Technologies

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A new survey of federal managers shows some surprising resilience in the face of sequestration-induced budget cuts. Feds aren’t just hunkering down, they’re finding innovative ways to do things. Government contractor NIC underwrote the study.

Pete Kasperowicz
staff writer
The Hill newspaper

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President Barack Obama is threatening to veto any fiscal 2014 spending bills that don’t deal with sequestration. At issue this week are two spending continuing resolution?

From Our Reporters

The Veterans Affairs Department officials faced tough questioning on Capitol Hill yesterday about just how much their computer systems have been compromised. Acting Chief Information Officer Stephen Warren struggled to confirm the security of the agency’s network and whether there are ongoing nation state attacks against the VA. Federal News Radio’s Jason Miller provides new details on the growing concerns about the security of veterans’ data.


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