Federal Drive Show Blog – June 6, 2013

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Kevin Brancato
defense analyst
Bloomberg Government

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The White House, again, is calling for Congress to lower the cap on government-reimbursed contractor pay. This time it’s suggesting $400,000, the same salary as the president himself. Without changes, the government would pay contractor executives more than double that amount, up to $950,000.

Kevin Youel Page
acting assistant commissioner
Office of Integrated Technology Services, GSA

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Federal employees, like their counterparts in the private sector, are clamoring for the latest mobile devices. And the White House has issued a mobile government strategy. It’s aimed at letting more people work anywhere and any time using smart phones and tablets. Getting these devices into the hands of thousands of users is one thing. Managing them all so they are secure and working properly, that’s another thing altogether. GSA has opened a new set of contracts to help with mobile device management.

Rafael Collazo
director of political campaigns
National Council of La Raza

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Hispanic employees make up 8 percent of the federal workforce and 5 percent of career executives. In the latest effort to boost that number, the Office of Personnel Management is teaming up with the National Council of La Raza, an advocacy group, to conduct workshops for feds who want to enter the Senior Executive Service.

Rhea Suh
assistant secretary for policy, management and budget
Department of the Interior

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The Interior Department plans to hire 17,000 young people to work on public lands. They’ll do a variety of conservation and improvement projects in parks and wildlife refuges. It’s an updated version of a New Deal era program the Obama administration has dubbed Conservation Service Corps.

From Our Reporters

The Office of Personnel Management’s inspector general wants to dive deep into the agency’s $2 billion revolving fund. But he can’t afford to do that. Patrick McFarland made his case to House lawmakers yesterday. He wants to take a small chunk of that revolving fund to pay for increased oversight. Federal News Radio’s Executive Editor Jason Miller provides details.


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