Federal Drive Show Blog – July 24, 2013

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Today’s Interviews:


Jason Miller
Executive Editor
Federal News Radio

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More than two-thirds of all senior executive service members will be eligible for retirement in the next five years. Few agencies are doing enough to ensure the next generation of leaders are prepared for the SES ranks. Federal News Radio’s Executive Editor Jason Miller provides Tom and Emily with details on some promising practices that are emerging to better recruit and train the next set of senior executives in government.

Charles Edwards
Acting Inspector General
Homeland Security Department

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Taking pleasure trips at the government’s expense. Hiring your wife. Backpedaling on a sensitive investigation. In this Homeland Security Department segment sponsored by CenturyLink, senators are investigating these claims against Homeland Security acting Inspector General Charles Edwards. Tom and Emily spoke yesterday with Cause of Action, a watchdog group that has published Edwards’ travel receipts revealing dozens of questionable trips. But Edwards joined them today to deny all of this. He says the allegations stem from a handful of unhappy employees.

John Mahoney
Chairman of the Labor and Employment Practice Group
Tully Rinckey Law Firm

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Like the clergy or sports coaches, inspector generals are supposed to be above reproach. But it doesn’t always work out that way. The Homeland Security Department’s acting Inspector General Charles Edwards is denying allegations he has misused his office and even hired his wife. The situation raises this question: who watches the watchdogs? For the answer, Tom and Emily turn to John Mahoney, chairman of the labor and employment practice group at the law firm Tully Rinckey.

Martin Ahmad
Principal Deputy Program Manager
The Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Aircraft Program Office

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We hear a lot about years-long weapons purchases that end up costing the Defense Department millions more than anticipated. But the Navy, with a new acquisition honor, is highlighting a program that managed to do the opposite. The Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Aircraft Program Office recently saved 5 percent off the cost of anti-submarine aircrafts known as P8’s. Martin Ahmad, the office’s principal deputy program manager, says the award comes at the end of a long road.

Frances Smith
Administrative Assistant in the Morale, Welfare and Recreation Division
Norfolk Naval Shipyard

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Furloughs help agencies meet budget limits, but they’re tough on employees personally. Some depend on the Federal Employee Education and Assistance fund for financial assistance. Frances Smith, an administrative assistant in the Morale, Welfare and Recreation Division at Norfolk Naval Shipyard, shared her story on the Federal Drive.

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