Federal Drive Show Blog – August 22, 2013

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Today’s Interviews:


Jeremy Epstein
Program Manager of Frontier Project
National Science Foundation

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The great battle against cybersecurity threats has become an all-of-government effort. While individual agencies deal with the tactics and strategies, the National Science Foundation is taking the long term view. It’s awarding research grants to further our fundamental understanding of cybersecurity. Two program managers from the NSF’s Frontier project, Nina Amla and Jeremy Epstein, discussed the grand challenges.

John Herrera
Project Manager
Pantex Wind Farm

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Everything’s bigger in Texas, so it’s no surprise the state will soon be home to the federal government’s largest wind farm. Siemens Government Technologies will build the Pantex wind farm that includes five 2.3 megawatt turbines. Energy savings are expected to average $2.9 million annually over a 20-year contract term. The project will allow the National Nuclear Security Administration to meet the president’s initiatives for green energy. It will also create new research opportunities. John Herrera is the project manager for the Pantex wind farm.

Jacob Kohnstamm
Chair of the Working Party on Data Protection
European Commission

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As more people learn about the breadth of the National Security Agency’s surveillance, they’re raising questions. In Europe, lawmakers want details of U.S. intelligence gathering on European soil. They’re also wondering whether the United States is violating European or international privacy laws. Jacob Kohnstamm chairs the European Commission working party on data protection. Mr. Kohnstamm joined Tom and Emily from The Hague.

Jason Miller
Executive Editor
Federal News Radio

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The Defense Department plans to cover more technology under its cybersecurity requirements. The chief information officer will release regulations in October. Federal News Radio’s Jason Miller has a sneak peak.

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