Federal Drive Show Blog – October 4, 2013

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Today’s Interviews:


Susan Tsui Grundman
Merit Systems Protection Board

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Like many other small agencies, the Merit Systems Protection Board has ceased operations during the shutdown. There are a handful of staff at the Washington headquarters, but lawyers, administrative judges, field office workers and support staff are all on furlough. Board chairwoman Susan Tsui Grundmann shares a slice of her life as a leader trying to run an agency under these circumstances.

Julia Ziegler
Web Manager
Federal News Radio

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Federal employees are normally quiet folk. This week, they are speaking out about the government shutdown this week, and our web team is listening. Federal News Radio’s Web Manager Julia Ziegler explains what we’ve been hearing from feds.

Jared Serbu
DoD Reporter
Federal News Radio

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Three years after the passage of the Government Performance and Management Reform Improvement Act, federal agencies have begun to make major strides toward using data to improve their performance. That’s according to a new survey from the Partnership for Public Service and Grant Thornton. Federal News Radio’s Jared Serbu has the details.

Jason Miller
Executive Editor
Federal News Radio

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Months of planning went down the drain this week for a half dozen conferences and events. The government shutdown has caused events large and small to be postponed, and this could be just the beginning. Federal News Radio’s Jason Miller has details on this trickledown effect of the government shutdown.

Janet Benini
Associate Director for International Preparedness
Transportation Department

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Like the big ballpark a couple of blocks away, things are quiet in the Transportation Department building in Southeast D.C. There, and throughout the country, DOT has more than 55,000 people furloughed. Of the 36,000 still on the job, most work for the FAA in air traffic control. Janet Benini is one of 55,000 Transportation Department employees furloughed because of the shutdown. As associate director for international preparedness, she organizes high-level international emergency-planning conferences and events. But not this week.

Bob Silverman
American Foreign Service Association

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Federal employees overseas so far have fared relatively well during the shutdown. Embassies and consulates are open. Few people are furloughed, but it’s not business as usual. Bob Silverman, president of the American Foreign Service Association, has a look at how the shutdown is playing out abroad.

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