Federal Drive Show Blog – December 23, 2013

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Today’s Interviews:


Alexis Howard
Leader of Women’s Work Group
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

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This year, women made great strides in breaking federal glass ceilings. The Pentagon has ordered services to open more combat positions to women. And it looks like Janet Yellen will become the first female Fed chief.

Yet the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission felt compelled to release a report on obstacles to women’s achievement in federal offices. Alexis Howard leads the EEOC’s Women’s Work Group.

Julie Murray
Public Citizen Litigation Group

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More than two years ago, President Barack Obama made sweeping promises to change the way the government addressed global development. He spoke at the United Nations. He pledged billions of dollars. And yet the White House never published the presidential policy directive telling agencies what to do.

A federal district judge has ruled the government must release the document. Julie Murray, an attorney with Public Citizen, filed the lawsuit.

Mike Causey
Senior Correspondent
Federal News Radio

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The new budget deal could impact your health insurance. The law lets the Office of Personnel Management set up a self-plus-one plan for federal couples. Federal News Radio Senior Correspondent Mike Causey has more on what this means for federal employees.

Jason Miller
Executive Editor
Federal News Radio

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Federal News Radio wanted to know what insiders considered the top federal IT story of the year. So we surveyed more than a dozen past and present federal officials. Executive Editor Jason Miller has the answer.

Jared Serbu
DoD Reporter
Federal News Radio

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The Navy is making changes to the way it handles contracting in foreign ports in the wake of an international multibillion-dollar bribery scandal. More from Federal News Radio’s DoD reporter, Jared Serbu.

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