Federal Drive Show Blog – January 2, 2014

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Today’s Interviews:


Alan Shark
Executive Director and CEO
Public Technology Institute

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It’s no secret. Government runs on technology. That became distressingly clear when the website HealthCare.gov opened for business in October. Or tried to open. Managers at all agencies need to keep an eye on the electronic apparatus their programs depend on. For a look ahead at the technology challenges for 2014, Tom and Emily spoke to Alan Shark, executive director and CEO of the Public Technology Institute.

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Don Kettl
University of Maryland School of Public Policy

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We could list a handful of reasons why we hope this year in Washington is better than 2013. Shutdown anyone? Many people make new year’s promises and resolutions. To help federal leaders make some of their own, Tom and Emily called on Don Kettl. He’s dean of the school of public policy at the University of Maryland.

Steve LeFrancois
Chief Technology Officer

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The Office of Management and Budget says agencies have to update their public networks to Internet Protocol Version 6 by September. The switch to IPv6 is supposed to enhance connectivity, support mobile devices and improve network security. Steve LeFrancois has more on this transition in the federal government. He’s chief technology officer at Verizon.

Daniel McDonald
Director of Research
Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute

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The newest version of the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute’s Organizational Climate Assessment System is out. It’s a must read for commanders so they can identify attitudes and behaviors that might affect morale and organizational performance. Daniel McDonald is the institute’s director of research.

Greg Rinckey
Managing Partner
Tully Rinckey

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2013 came and went in a messy way, with lots of things left undone. That’s certainly true when you think of the legal developments facing federal employees and contractors. In this week’s legal loop, Greg Rinckey of the law firm Tulley Rinckey gives his top five legal issues to watch in 2014. No surprise — they’re based on those loose ends from last year.

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