Federal Drive Show Blog – January 7, 2014

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Today’s Interviews:


Charles Rothwell
National Center for Health Statistics

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The new director of the National Center for Health Statistics has a leadership philosophy you may already be familiar with.

Mary Ann Lewis
Executive Vice President
SAVE International

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The Office of Federal Procurement Policy recently told agency planners and contracting officers to take a fresh look at value engineering. They said some departments, mainly defense, have saved billions of dollars using it. To find out more about what exactly value engineering is and how you get started, we turn to Mary Ann Lewis.

Arthur Stone
Stony Brook University

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How happy are you? And why does it matter to the government? A National Research Council study argues that the federal government could use happiness data to shape policies on benefits like retirement age and unemployment. Arthur Stone chaired the committee that wrote the report.

Bob Cusack
Managing Editor
The Hill

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Lawmakers just back from their holidays are up against a big deadline. We could be headed for another government shutdown in eight days unless Congress passes a spending bill before then

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