Federal Drive Show Blog – February 19, 2014

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Today’s Interviews:


Katherine Hammack
Assistant Secretary for Installations, Energy and Environment
U.S. Army

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Each year, the Army honors installations that have gone the farthest to save energy and preserve the environment. The lesson from this year’s winners? There’s no single way to go green. Katherine Hammack is assistant secretary of the Army for Installations, Energy and Environment. She explains what those facilities do right.

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Jonathan Salant
Bloomberg News

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Defense contracts fell to a 22-month low in January. A slump is typical in the first month of the year, but this one is far steeper than the norm. Contractors don’t see an upturn coming anytime soon. Bloomberg News reporter Jonathan Salant has been following this trend.

Bob Silverman
American Foreign Service Association

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The American Foreign Service Association is pushing for new guidelines to make sure American ambassadors have certain minimum qualifications before they head overseas. This comes after the Obama administration nominated people for ambassadorships that ran into flack in their Senate confirmations. Association President Bob Silverman has more.

Jason Miller
Executive Editor
Federal News Radio

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Some executives fiddle with a Rubik’s Cube. The Homeland Security Department launched what it calls the Management Cube earlier this month. For the first time in the agency’s 11-year history, officials can understand the interactions among data.

Rafael Borras was the undersecretary for management at the Homeland Security Department for the last four years. He recently left DHS to return to the private sector. Borras sat down with Executive Editor Jason Miller for an exclusive interview on his tenure at DHS and how the management cube is part of his approach to make DHS more business-like.

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