Federal Drive Show Blog – February 4, 2014

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Today’s Interviews:


Elbridge Colby
Center for a New American Security

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The ability to defend the nation with nuclear weapons from land, sea or air is a pillar of the nation’s defense strategy. Secretary Chuck Hagel has ordered a full review of the Pentagon’s nuclear mission amid scandal at the Air Force’s ballistic missile units.

Some analysts are starting to say it’s time to phase out one or more legs of the traditional triad. Elbridge Colby is a fellow at the Center for New American Study.

Dean Garfield
President and CEO
Information Technology Industry Council

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The IT industry has high hopes for 2014. Changes to immigration law, federal procurement and government surveillance could impact the way major technology companies operate. The Information Technology Industry Council represents many big players in software, social media and office equipment. Dean Garfield is the president and CEO of ITI.

Julian Hattem
Staff Writer
The Hill Newspaper

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Members of Congress are meeting this week to push for a data security bill. It would protect financial information and other sensitive data such as addresses and phone numbers. But what about the long-stalled federal cybersecurity legislation? For an update, Tom and Emily called Julian Hattem, a staff writer for The Hill Newspaper.

Jason Miller
Executive Editor
Federal News Radio

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Federal chief information officers will see no new governmentwide initiatives when the White House issues its fiscal 2015 budget request next month. The Office of Management and Budget annual budget passback guidance focuses instead on ongoing programs.

Federal News Radio’s executive editor, Jason Miller, has exclusive details on what OMB is telling agencies to do with technology for 2014.

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