Holiday Tribute To Early G-Man

When Columbus “discovered” America there were, not to put too fine a point on it, millions of people already living here. He was part government contractor, part government employee. As a captain, he would probably be in the civilian equivalent of the SES today.

His mission: Find a shortcut to China and India. So in a sense, he blew it.

But it turned out okay. Most of us who are here today arrived sometime after 1492. Some shortly after, others maybe as recently as this week. But here we are. And this is a federal holiday. For some.

If you work for a bank you are probably off today. If you work for the government there is a good chance you are off today. But not everybody. Since the attacks on New York and D.C. in 9/11, and because of foiled plots elsewhere, America has been on high alert.


Large numbers of government workers (and members of the uniformed services) are on the job today. Government has been a 24/7 operation that many of us take for granted. We don’t know where most people are but chances are we would know it if they weren’t on duty.

They are not taking the day off so most of us can. So if you are on holiday, enjoy yourself. Spend money. Merchants in your community will thank you.

And if you are working today, thanks. We may not know who you are, what you are doing and where you are doing it. But at least a lot of us know what we don’t know, which is a start. So thanks!!


By Jolie Lee

Where are Christopher Columbus’ remains? According to the Discovery Channel, “Preliminary analysis suggests that Christopher Columbus might be buried in the Gothic cathedral of Santa Maria in Seville, the city from where he set sail in 1492, rather than under a cross-shaped lighthouse in Santo Domingo, where he made his historic landfall in the New World.” The debate started in 1877 with a box containing bone fragments and the inscription “illustrious and enlightened male Don Cristobal Colon.”


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