We, who are about to eat, salute you!

This is supposed to be one of the biggest travel days of the year, which means that a lot of feds are on the job doing everything from air traffic control to guarding the borders or helping out in a VA hospital. Others may come in today and Friday too. Either out of need, dedication or for peace and quiet. Escaping visiting in-laws counts too.

Anyhow whether you are doing turkey, tofu or tacos, this is one of those warm and fuzzy holidays.

And whether you are sitting around a table outdoors in Texas, beside a roaring fire in Michigan or heading for Washington’s Reagan National Airport, have a good holiday from all of us here at Federal News Radio.

Happy Holiday.


MC & friends.


By Jack Moore

Looking for an authentic Thanksgiving experience? Leave the forks in the drawer. Forks weren’t introduced in the New World until a few years later and didn’t really catch on until the 1700s. Oh, and no need for napkins. Just use the tablecloth — that’s what the Pilgrims did.


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