SES mobility not ‘musical chairs’

Senior Executives Association President Carol Bonosaro outlined the pros and cons of the mobility of Senior Executive Service members, following a report from the Partnership for Public Service.

The report found 48 percent of SES members had never changed their positions after becoming an SES member.

Bonosaro said having SES mobility would never be “absolute.” But right now SESers and those wanting to enter the SES do not have the mechanisms to do work at other agencies.

“I think there’s a way to achieve more mobility … but not with the notion that it’s going to be musical chairs,” she said.


In the second half of the program, Federal Times Senior Writers Stephen Losey and Sean Reilly discussed what Congress has in store for federal workers and retirees. They also discussed buyouts, downsizing in the Postal Service, and threats to the retirement system that could impact current employees.