Are happy days here again for the TSP?

January 9, 2012 — The Thrift Savings Plan is doing well. Especially the stock funds.

The C Fund is up 16 percent, the S Fund is up 18 percent and the I Fund is up almost 19 percent.

Does that mean happy days are here again?

Or does the nation’s unsolved financial problems mean it’s going to be a rough up-and-down year?


This week on “Your Turn”, financial planner Arthur Stein joins host Mike Causey to talk about what feds and retirees should — and should not — be doing with their TSP accounts.

Stein will discuss whether the TSP need more investment diversity — like a gold fund, REITs or green funds — or whether the current mix good enough.

Later in the show Federal Times reporters Stephen Losey and Sean Reilly will talk about the possibility of a government shutdown, employee furloughs, the last-minute congressional decision to do nothing, the retirement “tsunami’, and why they think the government’s flex-schedule program has flopped.

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