A friendly home invasion

The sad truth is that a lot of you may not be around next Friday!

This doesn’t mean you are going to be dead. Nothing that drastic!

Just maybe dead-broke in some cases. With your take-home paycheck about 20 percent lighter than usual.

Next Friday is a furlough day for nearly 100,000 federal workers, including most of the Internal Revenue Service.


We all know why there are furloughs. It is because of the Sequestration Monster created by the White House and given life by Congress. They said it couldn’t, wouldn’t and shouldn’t happen. But it did. And while life goes on — the Earth continues to rotate — things have changed.

Lots of people read this column at work. That’s great for us, when you are at work. But when you stay home — like on holidays, vacation season or while on furlough — we feel lonely and unloved. And an unloved crew at Federal News Radio is not a pretty sight! In fact it is downright revolting.

So do us all a favor. Whatever else you do on your furlough day (and we would love to know that) check in with us. Lots of news, especially bad stuff politicians like to hide or minimize, breaks on Friday. So it will get lost in the weekend clutter. So check with us to see what’s happening behind your back.

Also, we would genuinely like to know what you and yours are doing on your furlough day. Is it a time for adventure, romance or do you sit home angry and bitter. Tell us what you are doing (remember this is a family-oriented website), and we’ll tell the world.

But check us out this Friday, and every Friday, especially if you are off that day. We make house calls!!


Compiled by Jack Moore

A New Zealand farmer has claimed that playing classical music induces his hens to lay larger eggs.

(Source: Improbable Research)


IRS severing ties with firm amid $500 million in questionable contracts
The Internal Revenue Service said Wednesday it is seeking to cut its business relationship with a firm that may have had inside access to the agency’s procurement decisions. Lawmakers also questioned agency decisions to award the company special status as veteran-owned and serving economically-disadvantaged areas.

What do you want from your TSP plan? Board wants to know
The Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board is setting the stage for a major new multiyear initiative to study the needs of Thrift Savings Plan participants and improve its services. Greg Long, the board’s executive director, laid out the initiative at the board’s monthly meeting Monday.