Enjoying your day off?

We hope you’re reading this from a hammock, surrounded by beautiful or nubile admirers who are feeding you dainties while they grill your lunch. Good for you. A nice little break in the middle of the week is always good for your mental health — especially with unpaid furloughs literally right around the corner.

And, if today finds you at work, that’s good too. Maybe not for you, but certainly for us. Because what you are doing and where you are doing it is probably good for our health, safety and security. Even if we can’t see you.

Most media outlets find that readers, listeners and viewers drop off on holidays, which makes sense. So we are saving the good stuff for tomorrow, July 5, when lots of us will be back to work. Enjoy today and check it out tomorrow.

Happy holiday. Check this space tomorrow.



By Jack Moore

Ever wonder why pound is abbreviated “lb?” It’s actually an abbreviation of the Latin word libra a reference to the expression libra pondo, which means “pound weight.”

(Source: World Wide Words)


GSA produced movie parody videos, skits
A conservative watchdog group released a half dozen movie parody videos and comedy skits Tuesday by the General Services Administration that were removed from the agency’s website after an inspector general report last year revealed lavish agency spending on a Las Vegas conference.

Agencies fall short of small business contracting goals for 7th straight year
The Small Business Administration reported Tuesday that agencies just missed the governmentwide mark in fiscal 2012, awarding 22.25 percent of all prime contracts to small firms. The total percentage of contracts going to small companies increased when compared to the 2011 aggregate, but the total dollars dropped by almost $2 billion to $89.9 billion.