Let’s talk turkey

This is supposed to be one of the biggest travel days of the year, which means that a lot of feds are on the job doing everything from air-traffic control to guarding the borders or helping out in a VA hospital. Others may come in today and Friday too. Either out of need, dedication or for peace and quiet. Escaping visiting in-laws counts too.

Anyhow whether you are doing turkey, tofu or tacos, this is one of those warm and fuzzy holidays.

And whether you are sitting around a table outdoors in Texas, beside a roaring fire in Michigan or heading for Washington’s Reagan National Airport, have a good holiday from all of us here at Federal News Radio.

Happy Holiday.


MC & friends.


By Jack Moore

There are four U.S. towns with the word turkey in their names: Turkey, Texas; Turkey, N.C.; Turkey Creek, Ariz.; and Turkey Creek, La.

(Source: LiveScience)


Mass-transit subsidy, once again, set to decline
If Congress fails to act by the end of the year, a tax subsidy for commuters who use mass transit is set to drop from a maximum of $245 a month to $130. At the same time, fringe benefits for parking are set to rise to $250 a month starting in January. Two stand-alone measures in the House and Senate would restore parity between the parking and mass-transit subsidies.

Satisfied workers key to one small agency’s success
Federal employees overall have plenty to gripe about this year. That was reflected in the Office of Personnel Management’s annual survey of federal employees. It showed satisfaction on the job down 4 percent on average, compared to last year. But one agency bucked that trend. The U.S. Trade and Development Agency outperformed other small agencies in the survey, which said 100 percent of USTDA’s employees feel the agency has succeeded in its mission.